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The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) together with the Southeast Maluku Regency Fisheries Service formed 24 Fishermen's Joint Business Groups (KUB). A series of facilitation for the growth and capacity development of business groups with fishermen consisting of growth (socialization, initiation, formation of KUB), confirmation, registration in the Satudata application as well as institutional development and business partnerships. It has been implemented since the beginning of last August and the peak of the inauguration of the 24 KUBs will be on Friday the first of September 2023.

The KUB Fishermen's Capacity Growth and Capacity Building Facilitation activity funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) - 6 Coastal Fisheries Initiative – Indonesia Child Project (CFI-ICP) grant in Eastern Indonesia was opened directly by the Head of the Southeast Maluku Fisheries Service, Ir. Nicodomus Ubro, M.Sc. In his speech, Ubro, who is also Acting. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Southeast Maluku said that fisheries business actors who have grouped together are increasing their institutional capacity so that they can grow and develop in the future. Fishing business institutions such as fishermen's KUB are important to develop in order to facilitate various business access and be adaptive to state policies and regulations, including from the KKP, such as the Measurable Fishing program which has been legalized in Government Regulation no. 11 of 2023.

Head of Fisheries Service Ir. Nicodemus Ubro, M.Si. officially opened the activities of Facilitating the Growth and Capacity Development of Fisherman's Joint Business Groups (KUB) (Langgur, 01 September 2023)

"One of the obstacles in developing fisheries businesses in Southeast Maluku Regency is the limited number of reliable fishing business institutions, it is difficult to do business as a group, so that fishermen have difficulty accessing infrastructure, capital, coaching and business partnerships. "For this reason, it is necessary to establish and strengthen fishermen institutions in Southeast Maluku Regency before facilitating it," said Ubro.

On the same occasion, Ubro mentioned that the source of funds for KUB formation activities came from Grant Funds sought by the Southeast Maluku Regency Government in collaboration with the KKP. Southeast Maluku Regency along with two other regencies, Eastern Seram and Teluk Wondama, were designated as locations for the implementation of the GEF 6 CFI Indonesia program. Ubro invites the people of Southeast Maluku, especially fishermen, to express their appreciation to the Regent of Southeast Maluku, M. Taher Hanubun, who supports the implementation of GEF 6 CFI Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Edward E. S. J. Belson Jaflean (Head of the Small Fishermen's Empowerment Division) in his material on Understanding Joint Business Groups (KUB) and their Benefits for Facilitating Fisherman Empowerment, said that KUB is a non-legal business entity, in the form of a group formed by fishermen based on the results agreement/deliberation of all members based on a common desire to work together and be jointly accountable in order to increase members' income in accordance with Ministerial Decree No.KEP.14/MEN/2012 concerning General Guidelines for Institutional Growth and Development of Key Fisheries Actors. It was further explained that the benefits of facilitating empowerment and protection of fishermen are that fishermen can access Facilitation (Assistance) for Fishing Facilities, Training, Technical Guidance, Socialization, Business Assistance, Facilitation (Assistance) of Insurance Premiums for Fishermen, Facilitation (Assistance) of Certification of Fishermen's Land Rights.

M. A. Ingratubun, S.Pi, Head of the Small Fishermen Development Section, strengthens fishermen with various administrative equipment in managing the Fishermen's KUB. It was further explained that the Fishermen's KUB must have administration in the form of a Group Member Data Book, Group Activity Plan Book, Production Book, Group Cash Book, Letter Agenda Book, Guest Book, Meeting Attendance Book, Meeting/Group Meeting Minutes Book and Member Savings Book.

Apart from material regarding strengthening Joint Business Groups, participants also gained knowledge about handling sharks and turtles as bycatch (by-catch). Rendra Kurniawan, Marine Biodersity Officer WWF IBAS Kei, explained further that sharks and turtles are two species which are conservation priority fish types and are also included in the ETP (Endangered, Threatened and Protected) Species category as Bycatch or Fishermen's By-Catch and how to handle them. whether caught alive or dead.


Process of Signing the Minutes of Inauguration of 24 Fishermen's Joint Business Groups (KUB) in Facilitating the Growth and Capacity Development of Fisherman's Joint Business Groups (KUB) (Langgur, 01 September 2023)

The final series of activities was the inauguration of the Fishermen's KUB by the Head of the Southeast Maluku Regency Fisheries Service, represented by the Service Secretary, and continued with the signing of the Minutes of Inauguration of the Fishermen's KUB and the symbolic handing over of the Minutes as a form of legality for the existence of the Fisherman's KUB in Southeast Maluku Regency. Also present at this activity were the District Heads and Heads of Ohoi who participated in signing the Inauguration Minutes as a form of support and proof that the existence of the KUB was also known to the Ohoi Government and the District Government.

Project Manager GEF6 CFI Indonesia, Dr. Adipati Rahmat, separately expressed his appreciation to the Southeast Maluku Fisheries Service for this Regency Level Institutional Technical Guidance, which he said was an effort to replicate the Institutional Technical Guidance that had previously been successful at the pilot location.

"In 2022, institutional technical guidance took place at Ohoi Watkidat, which was successfully confirmed by a number of KUBs for fishermen groups and women's groups. A number of KUBs then unite into a Business Cooperative which will become a locomotive for regional economic development. "It is hoped that this Regency Level Technical Guidance can initiate a similar pattern, where fishermen and women will become aware of the need to form groups, form business institutions, to be independent and prosperous in various regions in Southeast Maluku Regency," said Adipati.


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