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The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, through the Directorate of Conservation and Marine Biodiversity in collaboration with WWF - US implemented the GEF-6 CFI Indonesia Improved Planning and Management for MPAs for Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Implemented as Part of a Holistic EAFM Approach program initiated the Preparation of Service Agency Strategic Plan Documents Regional General Affairs (BLUD) Kei Kecil Island conservation area which will be held on 10-12 July 2023 in Langgur, Southeast Maluku

Participants in this activity were the Ministry of Home Affairs, Maluku Province Fisheries and Maritime Service, Southeast Maluku Regency Fisheries Service, Representatives of KCD Island Cluster VIII as Area Manager, and WWF-US Representatives

This activity aims to assist conservation area (KK) managers in fulfilling the requirements for establishing a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) so that Management Organizational Units (SUOP) or managers can get flexibility in terms of budget management and the KK management budget does not come from APBD funds alone.

The activity was opened by Amehr Hakim as Intermediate Functional Officer who said that by 2022, 38 conservation areas would be managed by the UPTD Institution or an area of 5.1 million hectares. UPTD is a requirement for implementing the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) financial system. Thus, the existence of a BLUD financial system can open up the potential for services in conservation areas such as fishing licensing services, cultivation, tourism and religious rituals.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Sub-directorate of the Regional Public Service Agency, Wisnu Saputro, emphasized to the management that the administrative requirements of the Conservation Area BLUD be prepared starting from governance documents, strategic plans, minimum service standards and prognosis documents so that it is hoped that the management can be more flexible in terms of financial management, giving remuneration, determining tariffs, procurement of goods and services, as well as in terms of cooperation.

Next, a special discussion was held regarding the substance to complete the Strategic Plan document and continued with a field visit to the Kei Kecil Island KKD to see the potential services that could be applied to support conservation activities.


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